Shared by her daughter, Holly

Cleveland, OH

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Maryann was prescribed Valium for over three decades and was unaware of her addiction.

"My name is Holly, and I’m here to tell you about my mother today. Years ago, many years ago, my mother had a child and she went through back then, what they didn’t know, was postpartum depression. They treated it with Valium. Her doctor continued to give her the Valium over 30 years, and he kept increasing her dosage. That doctor passed away. My mother was given a new doctor, and the new doctor told her, “You are now an addict and it has to be dealt with.” And that’s when the road to rehab and recovery started. And it lasted seven long years. And it devastated the family and devastated her, because she did not realize she was an addict until she was told, 'You are an addict.' ”

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